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A Common Healthy Purpose
Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941.  Every American was deeply struck by fact that everything they loved and aspired to was threatened.  Suddenly “Win the War” was more important than "making money".   In less than four years the world war was over.  After WW2, the Japanese and Germans were deeply struck by fact they must… “Rebuild”.  Both countries did rebuild and quickly became economic giants.

Aware or not, everyone in world today has a common purpose even more vital and urgent than “Win the war” or “Rebuild”. The purpose is to encourage and enable individuals to make the 10 essential needs of everyone in world available and affordable using love,reason, freedom, truth and abundance.  We also have the technology we need to make it happen quickly!  
Be deeply struck by fact we cannot create the environment of love, reason, freedom, truth and abundance we desire by using the opposite means.  The opposites are the many ways hate, force, enslavement; deception and scarcity have been used to take from humans and nature for thousands of years.

David Brooks of NY Times recently wrote about the “Fearsome cost of moral relativism” and “There are no basic codes and rules woven into daily life.” See

David’s thoughts, lead me to wonder what healthy principles might be accepted and practiced by folks of any belief?  What principles would parents teach their children?  What principles would children teach each other?  Albert Einstein advised us to “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

As I look WITHIN I see a society of trillions of individuals creating and managing complex and needed systems beyond my comprehension.  My cells collaborate wonderfully to have their needs met.  At my age I might harbor a few outliers called cancer cells.  I hope they are kept corralled.  If they escape, cancer cells only take and claim.  They produce nothing of value, only problems.  Healthy cells collaborate and specialize to produce needs essential to all.  You might say they enjoy a common purpose.  Einstein observed, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  If you think he was right, please teach children the difference between healthy and sick thinking.  Immunize them against sick thinking.  For good measure give them a healthy common purpose to believe in.  Do it well and every day they will consider their options and be more likely to use healthy ways to obtain their needs.  Healthy thinking uses LOVE, Truth, Reason, Freedom and Plenty to make human needs affordable to all and solve problems.  (To love is to encourage and enable another to fill their healthy potential).  Unhealthy thinking like cancer, uses Deception Force, Enslavement and Scarcity in many disguises to take from others and nature.  It creates nothing but preventable problems.  Can an environment of love, truth, reason and plenty be formed using the opposites?  Not so far! 

Our human needs are like essential molecules in food needed to be healthy.  Argue if we must, but they are what they are, determined by what our cells need to be healthy.  Likewise human needs are determined by what humans need to be healthy.  I believe they are individual encouraging and enabling forms of Energy, Food, Raw materials, Transportation, Communication, Recreation, Protection from and of nature, Protection from predators and from being lead into harm’s way, Education and Trade.  I believe children enjoy making needs more abundant, available and affordable as they grow, learn and practice healthy thinking.  Each may garden, bicycle, talk, play sports draw and sing.  Each can protect others and nature, be supportive and love.  Each can teach and do wonders.  All will do much, enjoy much.  I believe what multicellular life has learned over eons is an acceptable guide for healthy human behavior.  Children will understand the human society they are creating is only an extension of their healthy nature within.  Is teaching kids something like this a job for game developers, TV, YouTube, Hollywood, schools, religion, parents or all of us?

As I look OUT I see billions of individuals acting on secret thoughts that alternate between healthy and problem thinking.  What they often see and then believe is that they will have more (riches, friends, fame, fun, power etc.) by appropriately using sick tools.  They cannot imagine that the efficiency of LOVE, MAKING and COMMON PURPOSE unhindered by TAKE & CLAIM will quickly provide a utopia for all.  What if cell-talk within you irregularly communicated in either truth or deception?  Would the utopia of cells called YOU survive?  How do you feel if force or deception is used to take your home or a loved one?  Unchecked, sick thinking, using sick tools, like cancer, will “take and claim” humanity.  I believe a common healthy purpose based on nature within is what will end ISIS appeal and may even defuse climate change.  It will greatly reduce most preventable injuries and illness even personal problems.  Please give all children a chance to mirror their healthy nature within.  Take Einstein to heart when he said, “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”  One starting suggestion is to use nature within as a framework for examples of how you might have wanted healthy concepts taught to you as a child.  Consider one with LOVE and use of fit-tools (Reason, Truth, Freedom and Abundance) to solve a problem or make a need more affordable.  Consider another of TAKE and use of sick-tools (Force, Enslavement, Deception or Scarcity) to take from others or nature and how it creates problems.  Maybe post your thoughts on Facebook or other media and start a discussion of your views on Nature-Within Concept, Fit-Thinking, Sick Thinking and a Healthy Common Purpose.  Thank you!

I enjoy making and creating.  
I can encourage and enable myself and others to create, make or grow what we need.   I can fairly trade what i create for services or products of others. (Healthy) 

I can also use force, enslavement, deception or scarcity to TAKE from others or nature and claim it’s mine.  (SICK)

I realize unfair trading and taking often has adverse side effects. Why? Neither humans nor nature likes to be taken or claimed!

So unfair trading or taking and claiming requires four tools which have endless disguises. 

The tools again are
force, enslavement, deception and scarcity. These tools are the exact opposites of Reason (non-violence), freedom, truth and abundance.  

When I consider the inefficiencies, suffering, problems and loss of potential created by taking and claiming I conclude the following.

All humans (even the rich) will have far more wealth, prosperity, health and joy if they do two things.  One, make things that encourage and enable individuals, abundant and affordable to all. Two, do it without using force, enslavement, deception or scarcity.     

"Things that Encourage & Enable individuals" can be found in TEN areas such as "FOOD", "Energy", etc... Since we all need these things we need to realize we all share a common healthy purpose.  Please strive to understand each need and do what you can to personally make each more abundant and affordable.  Wisdom is doing it without using force, enslavement, deception or scarcity.  

EATING ... click on Food (at left above)
EXERCISE ...see above left

Click on "A Useful View of History"  

Life begs us to enjoy making what encourages and enables us abundant without using force, enslavement, deception or scarcity. Thus we enjoy more than we imagine.

TEN... We all need to be encouraged and enabled.  Ten material things need to be made abundant and affordable in a form that encourages and enables individuals without using force, enslavement, deception or scarcity in any form.  

The TEN are much like in nutrition where there are 40+ essential nutrients (Vitamin C is one example).  If we don’t get enough of any one, we will die or not be as healthy as we could be. 

  • Energy
  • Food (
  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Trade (contribute and receive)
  • Protection of individuals from predators and being lead into harms way (includes health-care).
  • Protection of nature and from nature (housing, clothing etc)
  • Raw materials   


Everyone has much to do of great value! No need to be bored or nonproductive.


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Life begs us to enjoy making what encourages and enables us abundant without using force, enslavement, deception or scarcity. Thus we enjoy more than we imagine.

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