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Fructose is a sweet molecule that is ruining our health and economy.  To reverse this we must do three things.  Limit fructose to less than what's in an apple a day.  Insist that total sugar label be divided into amounts of glucose, fructose and galactose.  Refuse to buy juices, drinks and processed foods until fructose is removed and replaced by glucose. 


Knowing the nature of fructose molecule is important to everyone because it is triggering the diseases that are bankrupting health-care and maybe the unexplained health problems affecting you. To learn the basics ...See 

Fructose is found in foods and drinks as HFCS (55% fructose by dry weight), as sugar (sucrose) at 50% by dry weight and as fruit (about 50% by dry weight of part you eat).  Some studies suggest and many health advisers believe fructose consumed in whole fruit is less adverse than fructose in sugar or HFCS because of the fiber present.  Fructose does takes longer to get into blood, but it is still fructose.  Studies do show that fiber ingested as wheat bran, oat bran, rice bran reduces overall mortality and heart disease, unfortunately vegetable and fruit fiber does not.

Whether you eat sugar, fruit or HFCS, it all digest down to molecules before it enters your blood.  You can obtain the essential nutrients found in fruit at much less expense in grains, bran, beans, vegetables, and even vitamin pills.  Can a food that by dry weight is 20 to 50% bad for you be healthy?  Only if you are unable to obtain your essential nutrients in other healthier foods.


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