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A Useful View of History

Definitions Code ...

  • E&EEncourage and Enable (Healthy Thinking)   
  • DDT = Discourage, Disable and TAKE (Sick Thinking)
  • MEE = MAKE (Create) Encouraged and Enabled   
  • TEE = TAKE Encouraged and Enabled   
  • AAA = Abundant, Available and Affordable 
  • FEDS = Force, Enslavement, Deception and Scarcity (Creates Preventable Problems, used by sick thinkers) 
  • RAFT = Reason, Abundance, Freedom, Truth (Solves Problems, used by healthy and Fit.)

Life begs us to enjoy making what encourages and enables us abundant without using force, enslavement, deception or scarcity. Thus we enjoy more than we imagine.

The Healthy Common Purpose is for all to enjoy more than we can imagine by E&E self and others to make things that E&E individuals AAA without using FEDS.  

Human History from Hunters to Dairy farmers.
* The following is a brief look at history that I find helpful in understanding why well meaning people have been unable to make the world a healthy place.  Be aware that my intelligence, experience and information is limited so I look to nature within (multicellular life) as a successful guide..     

60,000 Years Ago 
DNA sampling suggests that all living humans have a common ancestry of 2000 Hunter-Gatherers living in Africa about 60,000 years ago (See “The Human Journey” National Geographic Magazine).  True or not I will use this as a starting point. I suspect folks were just as smart then as they are today. 

Africa was a land of plenty and humans could have survived in a MEE mode (see code above).by gathering or making what they needed to survive without hunting.  It is more likely that humans needed to defend themselves from some animals and it was inevitable that their hunting skills and tools improved and so animals became an increasing source of food.  

 Our ancestors were successful in passing on to us beliefs, traditions and values that use and justify the tools of the early hunter (Force, Enslavement, Deception and Scarcity) (see code above) to obtain what we need.  Fireside chats, beliefs, traditions and values passed on cultural wisdom of the time.  So why leave Africa?  Look no further than school systems in the US, or why many come to America.


Today troublesome youth are often expelled from school.   I suspect Hunter-Gathers also expelled troublesome young hunters from their group.  Today expelled students form or join gangs.  Expelled hunters formed gangs.  These angry outcasts formed roving gangs that became feared hunters, not of animals but of other humans.  To be free from gang terror, victims and peaceful groups would flee to new lands, restart, eventually prosper and again expel the troublesome.  As the cycle repeated, humans spread out of Africa and kept spreading.


At some point a wise gang leader created TEE Mode (see code above).  He claimed an area and enslaved the productive residents before they could flee.  He then settled down and devised a gentler form of human hunting.  The form is still passed on in writings, traditions, beliefs and values today.

Productive individuals enslaved by the wise gang realized they were better off as contented cows in a TEE environment.  Why?  Like a good CEO the wise “gang leader” or stationary bandit, protected his subjects from roving bandits and criminals within the walls.  He encouraged and enabled all to make more so he could take (tax or earn) more.  This was and is called “civilization”. 


What one gang leader could do others did.  So why didn't civilized kingdoms live "Happy ever after"?   I suspect the king noticed he felt wonderful as he encouraged and enabled his subjects to “make” human essentials available.  So eventually he has them “make” even what wasn't needed.  You guessed it, fancy palaces, monuments and all the works of art we read about.  Whimsical feel good activity often has no boundaries.  Eventually it leads to cash flow problems.  As a result the king reverts to “taking” more land and slaves.  In time he runs into other kings with cash flow problems.  This led to “civilized” warfare. 


Civilized or not war is pure DDT (see code above)To get rational subjects to do irrational things (like die for the king) and remain “contented” is difficult.  Clever leaders over time tried everything.  What worked then and still works today is for the leader to be backed by an all-powerful authoritarian supra-natural or super power.  This required the King to be a God, have control of Gods or create and control a super-power state.  The authoritarian supra-natural power or super-state knows if you have been bad or good and controls the forces of nature.  Thus you or your family will be rewarded for blind obedience and punished for anything less.  Of course leaders make sure subjects-citizens-followers are carefully taught to “believe” from an early age. Subjects that didn't believe were often eliminated, children and relatives if any included.  In a way, only genes for brains that believed the King’s deceptions survived to replicate.  As a result humanity may have lost some intelligent genes. 

As a result, irrationally defending strong beliefs we are carefully taught is now a common problem. True or not, it is wise to question our own reasoning, beliefs and judgment continually.  In support of this idea I suggest you read “Mistakes Were Made”… but not by me”, it points out our brains develop blind spots or strong belief areas protected from logic and reason. If challenged or questioned these beliefs become stronger. This fact has been and is very handy for kings, leaders and today's politicians to master and use.


In rare situations when one leader was unable to prevail, representative governments had a chance to emerge.  Such governments are more likely to protect the interests of individuals including nonproductive folks .  But as the brilliant economist Mancur Olsen points out in “Power and Prosperity” they also have problems.

In fact Mancur suggests all governments are subject to economic collapse from within by abuse from narrow special interest groups (NSIG).  Narrow Special Interest Groups are very difficult and slow to form, but tend to increase in number and power as a nation ages.  Internally they function in MEE mode (see code above), but they often end up sucking on the rest of a larger group or nation.  Today one might step back and see many nations as NSIGs feeding on humanity in general.  (They do not have to be.)

The king’s enjoyable nonproductive spending on palaces, art and monuments led to wars or economic collapse.  Today narrow special interest groups, do the same.  The Soviet Union collapse was caused by NSIGs (all were illegal) that bankrupted the state.  The criminal NSIGs survived the collapse and controlled what still had value in Russia.


Pogo had it right when he looked into a mirror and realized he was the problem!  It isn't a conspiracy. It isn't them. It isn't the bad guys, the rich, the NSIGs, the corporations, religions or governments. It is we INDIVIDUALS!  It is you and me and what we believe will provide what we want.  Most of us have been deceived! I sure have.  Like the original stationary gang leader, we think we know how to prosper.  Unfortunately we have missed a much better option.   

Fortunately we no longer need to be contented cows or crafty dairy owners in a TEE world to obtain our needs.  It is only our brain bias to accept controlling beliefs and values that make us think we do.  For millennium, not believing cultural deceptions has been dangerous.  For good reason, even now, personal change that is observable should be carefully considered and gradual. So I am not asking you to join, sign up, believe or do anything.  But I do feel you are able to read and understand these concepts and make healthy choices for yourself.  You can replace a little TEE time with MEE time if you want to.    

Today there is hope.  The rich have the same E&E needs as the poor. We all have a healthy common purpose. We are more connected. Most for now, have opportunity to share concepts like MEE.  We have common goals like health, prosperity and happiness.  Many look for healthy answers.  We can adjust to and question our biases and strong beliefs.  We can own our mistakes.  We have wonderful examples of non-violent leaders.  In many counties obvious deception, slavery and force are rejected.  Religious and "super-state" control of government is seen as the problem it is.  Many biases are openly addressed. We dislike the use of force, entrapment, deception and scarcity on us personally. We have the technology and resources NOW to make human needs affordable and have a MEE time.  

*The Healthy Common Purpose is for all to enjoy more than we can imagine by E&E self and others to make things that E&E individuals AAA without using FEDS.   

We all have the same basic needs much like the needs of each cell in your body.   Basic needs are time tested and proven by life.  They are what works and not changed by what anyone ever said, did or believed. 

Please be open to the concept that life requires us to make these needs abundant and affordable, if our desire and goal for family or society is reason, freedom, truth and abundance.  An attempt to use the opposite concepts of force, enslavement, deception or scarcity to obtain this goal is business as usual and will fail. 

I want you to learn what the ten needs are and strive to make them more affordable in a form that encourages and enables individuals.   Fortunately this striving, like striving to raise a healthy family, gives you good feelings, leads to a healthy Earth and more wonders. 

Our essential needs are forms of the following that encourage and enable individuals without using force, enslavement, deception or scarcity in any disguise.   Energy -  Food  - Transportation   - Communication -    Education -   Protection from elements -  Recreation - Protection of individuals and nature from predators and being lead into harm’s way - Trade - Raw materials

Life begs us to enjoy making what encourages and enables us. This makes a society of reason, abundance, freedom and truth.  Thus we will enjoy more than we imagine.





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